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what is body anxiety?

In fact, body anxiety is not unique to our time, "calories and corsets" in this book, about the history of weight loss across two thousand years, you will find that people want to lose weight in a variety of tricks, a variety of strange, such as we often say that the vomiting, in fact, ancient already. But the ancient is not necessarily good, the end of the book tells a tragic but truly scientific ending, these strange methods may not end up losing weight, the most important thing is that you have to think about why you want to lose weight.

Despite the ancient history, our time does put body anxiety greater, which in part also comes from the change in aesthetics. People used to be fat as beautiful, mainly because of the cult of reproduction and material scarcity. But then the value of fat as beauty began to waver because of the importance people placed on health and religious concepts. It was not until modern times that thinness defeated fatness in one fell swoop and became the prevailing standard in modern society because of the lack of food and clothing and the revolutionary dislike of the aristocracy. Weight loss has become an activity in which almost everyone participates.

Many extreme methods have been used in the pursuit of thinness. In the book "Calories and Corsets", there is a description of how some people keep lowering their calorie intake and end up with anorexia. Some people use corsets and end up with all kinds of body problems. Although there is no necessary causal relationship between constantly lowering calorie intake and getting anorexia per se, eating disorders do seem to be getting more public attention in the context of body image anxiety. What is anorexia nervosa? For most visitors, it's not that they can't eat or don't want to eat, it's that they are afraid to eat and worry that if they do they will gain weight. It really is a figure anxiety that is magnified to the extreme.

On the issue of body anxiety, men and women are suffering

Men's body image anxiety, in particular, is actually more serious than one might think.

For example, men are more concerned than women about the problem of parastetals (extra breasts).

This is the result of a study conducted by the YMCA and the Success Foundation in 2012. Specifically, more than 80.7% of men expressed body image anxiety by describing their own body image flaws and defects, compared to 75% of women, and 38% of men were even willing to sacrifice at least one year of life in exchange for a perfect body, a higher percentage than women.

Men's body image anxiety is seldom expressed by outsiders because compared to women, men are not good at expressing their emotions, and their self-esteem is stronger under social pressure, so when faced with body image anxiety, they mostly choose to hide it.

With regard to body image anxiety, men have a far more complex struggle in their brains than women. For example, a psychological study shows that when men are anxious about why their beer bellies are so big, they also have deeper worries that they should not be overly valued as much as women about their self-body

So much so that men will use jokes to cover up the real idea of the body, but it contains the frustration, shame and anger that outsiders do not see.

The World Health Organization expects that by 2025 more than 1.5 billion people worldwide will suffer from anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and other serious mental illnesses due to body anxiety, and the cost of long-term treatment and rehabilitation will be a huge burden. 

For this reason, WHO launched the Human Care Project with the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia at a cost of more than $20 million. 1,000 top talents from Harvard University and the Rhode Island School of Design participated in the experiment. 

What Exactly Is This Thing?

Tens of thousands of people around the world who suffer from body image anxiety volunteered to participate in the experiment, providing valuable scientific data for research and development. 

Finally, through the combined efforts of people around the world, Makabs, a marvel of fusion of cutting-edge EMS myoelectric stimulation and ergonomic design, was launched. 

Makabs is a myth: through EMS microcurrent imitating human biological signals, the microcurrent frequency is formulated to match the human body in strict accordance with the human magnetic field to burn fat and exercise muscle groups at high speed. By sending Microelectrical pulses to deliver energy to the body subcutaneously, it strengthens the metabolism and builds a shapely body from fat loss to muscle gain. 

In just a few weeks you can say goodbye to skinny arms or a fat belly, and say goodbye to the low self-esteem and worries that come with body anxiety. Long-term use can even achieve a perfect fit body like a model. Using Makabs 20min is about the same as easily completing 1500m jogging, 30min anaerobic training and 30min swimming. 

The inventive split structure can be targeted for use in the waist and abdomen, arms, thighs and back,to achieve a No blind spots body contouring. Cutting-edge technology allows Makabs to be charged quickly and used immediately in any scenario, anytime and anywhere you want to practice. Suitable for people of all ages who suffer from body anxiety and want a better stature. Easy to operat.

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